In Palermo almost a thousand unburied coffins, some are broken

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– PALERMO, AUGUST 17 – Almost a thousand unburied coffins, kept in the deposits of the cemetery of the Rotoli, in Palermo.

An emergency that began in the autumn of 2019, with a crescendo of numbers. Today the “Giornale di Sicilia” also publishes some photos dating back to August 3, taken by the Reset company, a subsidiary of the Municipality that operates in the cemetery and which has been without a guide for a week due to the expiry of the president’s mandate.

Some coffins, also due to the torrid heat, literally burst, as communicated by the director of the cemetery, Leonardo Cristofaro, to the head of cabinet Sergio Pollicita, before August 15th: “Due to the lack of pits for burial, in addition to the high temperatures, numerous coffins have begun to percolate copiously. The situation is now such as to impose the immediate burial or the urgent and urgent purchase of an adequate number of zinc extra crates destined to contain them. But we are aware that without burial or the situation will only worsen further until it becomes a serious health hazard “, writes the director, according to the newspaper, which attached photographic documentation to the note.

The coffins placed on the ground are currently 242, those on the shelves 733. The bodies are found in several places in the cemetery, including tensile structures built for the occasion along one of the avenues of the cemetery and even in some administrative offices: in three rooms there have been deposited, 23, 14 and 11, while the crematorium has not been in operation for over a year. (HANDLE).