In Sardinia 57 no vax sanitary ware suspended, 700 still without dose

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– CAGLIARI, AUGUST 12 – The first 57 letters of the Agency for the Protection of Health in Sardinia are ready, for the suspension from the service of doctors and health workers without vaccines. But among the staff working in accredited public and private facilities, there are over 700 workers in the sector who have not yet received the anti Covid-19 vaccine. The position of those who produced a health certification is being examined by special commissions, while many have refused to collect the registered letter.

“The first to be suspended – explains the extraordinary commissioner of Ares Ats Sardegna, Massimo Temuss – will be the ‘no vax’ employees who work in the health facilities of northern Sardinia: the first letters of suspension from the service are already ready, of which 17 are intended to the white coats of Ats Sardegna employees “. The other letters are addressed to 8 affiliated doctors and 32 workers of the Aou of Sassari.

“For personnel who will not be vaccinated, with the sole exception of those who cannot be vaccinated for specific health reasons, the immediate suspension of their salary will be triggered – confirms the commissioner of the university hospital Antonio Lorenzo Spano – and the transgressors will be subjected also to possible even heavier sanctions if we were to ascertain that their decision could determine clusters within our hospitals “. (HANDLE).