In the hall Hamaguchi’s game of fate and imagination

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– ROME, AUGUST 18 – Film of word and impermanence at the same time, where Western dialogues and oriental fragility coexist in perfect harmony. This is the case of THE GAME OF DESTINY AND FANTASY by the Japanese director Hamaguchi Ryusuke, Silver Bear in Berlin and Best Screenplay Award for DRIVE MY CAR at the latest Cannes Film Festival. Both will be released shortly by Tucker Film: IL GIOCO DEL DESTINO E DELLA FANTASIA will be released on Thursday 26 August, while DRIVE MY CAR will be released at the end of September. In the case of the film Silver Bear at the Berlinale, on stage four female figures (Meiko, Nao, Natsuko, Nana) grappling with their feelings in three distinct episodes where reality is cloaked in surprises and sudden reversals in front of them.

Dazzling incipit with the first episode, ‘Magic or something less reassuring’, with the story of Meiko at the center, a girl who, collecting the confidences of her best friend in a taxi, realizes that the man she is talking about it is none other than his charming ex with whom he still has an open account in terms of feelings.

“Although coincidences are possible every day, we have little value in their potential to elevate us or completely reverse a situation,” said the director in a recent interview.

And again Hamaguchi Ryusuke on the meaning of this film: “The GAME OF DESTINY AND FANTASY is not just three episodes: they are three movements, as if the screenplay were music. Three film scores dedicated to the consequences of love and destiny. How much can a simple unexpected event affect our life – he concludes -? Have fun being surprised by the unpredictability of the world! “.