Johnny Depp, new chance in the US against Amber

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– NEW YORK, AUGUST 18 – After the devastating legal beating in the United Kingdom, Johnny Depp has a new chance at home to retaliate in court against his ex-wife Amber Heard. The “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor, whose Hollywood career plummeted in court battle that exposed abuse in the couple’s troubled relationship, got a green light in a libel suit from a Virginia judge. in the United States.

The judge ruled that the Old Bailey’s verdict last November, which found Depp wrong in the lawsuit against Rupert Murdoch’s “Sun”, does not prevent the plaintiff’s second lawsuit against Heard over an opinion piece. which she published in the “Washington Post”.

“I have become a public figure, a symbol of domestic violence, and I feel on my shoulders the force of the anger of our culture against women who dare to have their say”, wrote Amber in the op-ed, released in December 2018 on newspaper of the capital in which the former model had never mentioned Depp by name. There was no need: the relationship with the former Hollywood “beautiful and damned”, three times Oscar nominee, had ended in a storm two years earlier in the public eye.

The lawsuit in Virginia, in which Johnny asks Amber $ 50 million in damages, had been filed before the one in Britain, but a series of red tape had pushed forward the British lawsuit in which Depp had contested an article in which he was referred to as a “wifemaker”. After a trial that lasted weeks, Judge Andrew Nicol found “substantive truths” in the “Sun” text and eventually the tabloid was acquitted. Depp had also lost on appeal, while Amber had asked the American court to recognize the overseas verdict and dismiss the case. A thesis now rejected by Fairfax County Judge Penney Azcarate, whose opinion was greeted with “great satisfaction” by Ben Chew, the Washington Bar attorney who protects the plaintiff’s interests. (HANDLE).