Kledi Kadiu, "I pay homage to Carla Fracci, a myth"

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“For Albanian boys like me who grew up with Italian TV, Carla Fracci, and Raffaella Carrà with her, were two myths. I would never have imagined meeting her and having her friendship. Today, unfortunately, myths change with fashions, for we at that time these artists were fixed points “. The popular dancer Kledi Kadiu could not fail to pay tribute to those who for so many years have been a source of inspiration and a spur to do better, who on August 26 will be in Piazza Garibaldi in Cervia to honor the memory of Carla Fracci in a Grand Gala conceived by him together with Silvia Frecchiami.

An evening of great dance and strong emotions, under the supervision of Maestro Beppe Menegatti, husband of the recently deceased great étoile, presented by Pino Strabioli, which will be attended by many important dancers: Virna Toppi and Nicola del Freo (Principal dancers of the Teatro alla Scala of Milan), Anbeta Toromani and Alessandro Macario (Principal freelance dancers), Susanna Salvi and Claudio Cocino (Principal dancers of the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma), Noemi Arcangeli and Hektor Budlla (Freelance soloists), Amilcar Moret Gonzalez (Principal dancer of Kiel Ballett) and Giulia Stabile (Winner of Amici 2021) and Simone Nolasco (dancer of Amici) will present classic choreographies, sometimes reinterpreted in a modern key, alternating with unpublished choreographies, dancing to the notes played live by the CM Orchestra Rhythms & Drums.

“Carla Fracci was a strong and humble woman, despite being a legend she was always available and had words of courage for the students”, says Kledi Kadiu interviewed by ANSA, “The idea we had with Silvia Frecchiami was to dedicate to Mrs. Fracci a surprise event, because in recent years she had done us the honor of coming to teach at the Kledi Academy in Desenzano. Then everything was postponed for the covid. And now that show has become a gala in her memory “. “The first time I saw her in the rehearsal room of the Arena di Verona theater, where I had the opportunity to go to practice”, recalls the dancer, “I was young, I had recently arrived in Italy, in 1991, but then I had been repatriated, and I came back the following year. He was kind on that occasion, and it was also the second time I met her. It was 2011 and I interviewed her for a Rai5 program, in which she was the protagonist of a monograph. Superai emotion because Carla Fracci managed to put me at ease so much that I seemed to have known her forever “. Today you dedicate all your time to teaching: how has dance changed in recent years? And how have the pupils changed? “I like teaching because there is a continuous dialogue with the students and a unique magic is created when you are in the room. Unfortunately, however, everything has deteriorated in the sector. For example, at the time when Carla Fracci worked there was respect for dance : today there is no more “, reflects bitterly the dancer, who in a very short time, a matter of days, will become the father of a boy, after the first daughter he had 5 years ago,” dance is a discipline that is studied for passion, but unfortunately few now manage to do a real job.

There are very few opera companies, and there are many private realities that exploit young dancers with the excuse of gaining experience. But in Italy there are now 27 thousand dance schools and 1.5 million children who attend them. As if to say that there are many factories and few shops “.” It is natural that in this context our best raw material, the dancers trained here in Italy, go abroad, where there is work “, he continues,” here c ‘it’s too much bureaucracy, everyone talks about art but then no one invests. And the boys who study dance then collide with a harsh reality. Dance makes you grow in a healthy and positive way, based on values ​​that are useful in everyday life, but then you don’t live by values ​​alone. And our category, like many in the show, is left alone, without rights, as if being a dancer were not a real job “. Will he be back on TV?” Not for the moment “, he concludes,” the public who wants to see me dance will be able to do it thanks to social media “.

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