Libia | Bbc | ‘ruolo chiave dei mercenari russi Wagner’

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La Bbc ha pubblicato sul proprio sito un’inchiesta che “svela la portata delle operazioni” compiutein Libia dal gruppo di mercenari russi “Wagner” in appoggio del generale Khalifa Haftar e chedenuncia sia “crimini di guerra” sia “collegamenti” con le for…

Libia | Bbc | ‘ruolo chiave dei mercenari russi Wagner’


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Libya: BBC, 'key role of Russian Wagner mercenaries'

The BBC has published on its website an investigation which "reveals the extent of the operations" carried out in Libya by the group of Russian mercenaries "Wagner" in support of General Khalifa Haftar and which denounces both "war crimes" and "links" with the Russian armed forces which Moscow has always denied. This "key role" of the group would be revealed by a "Samsung tablet left by a fighter". The British broadcaster claims it also has a so-called "shopping list" of state-of-the-art military equipment which, according to analysts, could only come from supplies from the Russian army: among other things, "four tanks, hundreds of Kalashnikov rifles and a state-of-the-art radar system ". The "Wagner" group is notoriously shrouded in secrecy but the BBC "managed to gain rare access to two ex-combatants" who revealed the mercenaries' "lack of any code of conduct". "There is no doubt" that these militiamen kill prisoners, which a former fighter freely admits, stating that "no one wants an extra mouth to feed". Describing a possible war crime, a Libyan government soldier recalls how a friend and comrade of his surrendered to the Wagners but was shot twice in the stomach: the soldier has not seen him since, as have three other friends. taken away on that occasion. The tablet had been abandoned by an anonymous Wagner mercenary after the group withdrew from areas south of Tripoli in the spring of last year. Its contents include maps in Russian of the first line, which confirm the "significant presence of the Wagners and an unprecedented view of the group's operations", claims the BBC, estimating that "about 1,000" Russian mercenaries fought for the General Khalifa Haftar in Libya from 2019 to 2020.

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