Madonna in Ostuni sings Bella ciao, local food and tambourine

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– BARI, AUGUST 20 – There was red wine, orecchiette and ‘friselle’ on the table at which the star Madonna dined in Ostuni (Brindisi) in the company of her children, her boyfriend and a group of friends with whom sang ‘Bella ciao’ playing the tambourine with ‘Terraross’. The Apulian celebrations for her 63rd birthday continue, for which the pop star has decided to return to Puglia, a land that she shows she loves by regularly sharing her moments in the ‘heel’ of Italy on Instagram. As the soundtrack for the story of his evening in Ostuni on social media he chose ‘Nel blu painted di blu’ by Domenico Modugno.

Madonna arrived in the ‘white city’ with her boyfriend, 26-year-old dancer Ahlamalik Williams, children and staff. During the dinner the ‘Terraross’ arrived, who like to call themselves ‘players and minstrels of the lower Murgia’, with whom he sang and danced to the notes of ‘Bella ciao’. “We are grateful to Queen Madonna – write ‘Terraross’ on Instagram – for giving us the opportunity to become part of her family sphere with our simple and sincere music”.

The evening ended with Madonna smiling but tired, to the point that she had to be carried on a horse by her son Rocco and her boyfriend, in the streets of Ostuni. Then, the return to the luxury resort in Savelletri where he has been residing for a few days and where on August 16 he celebrated his birthday. The next day, however, she was in the historic center of Lecce, which she visited on foot, to the amazement of residents and tourists. (HANDLE).