Maxi concert in Central Park, ‘New York is back’

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Maxi concert in Central Park to celebrate the return to life in New York after the dark times of the pandemic. Over 60 thousand, according to the organizers, the people who gathered in the Great Lawn of the iconic park in the heart of Manhattan, despite the contagion alarm linked to the Covid Delta variant remains very high and despite the concerns about Hurricane Henri ready to break down in the next few hours not far from the Big Apple, along the coast of Long Island.
Live on CNN, ‘We love NYC: The Homecoming Concert’ was strongly supported by Mayor Bill de Blasio, who dispelled all fear and criticism by writing on Twitter “the show will go on”, thus starting five hours of great music with the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Paul Simon, Andrea Bocelli, Earth Wind & Fire.
Most of the tickets were available for free online with the requirement for all spectators over 12 to be fully vaccinated and for children aged 12 and under the obligation to have a negative swab done within the previous 72 hours. (HANDLE).