Melissa Leo, my women far from stereotypes

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– LOCARNO, 11 AUG – Criminal mind, mother, convict, terminally ill who does everything to avoid dying in prison. He is the powerful and poignant character of Melissa Leo, Oscar winner for The Fighter, in the family noir with western tones by John Swab, Ida Red, with Josh Hartnett and Frank Grillo, presented in world premiere at the Locarno Film Festival. A story that pays homage to the great noirs of the 70s, as Swab points out, telling the intersection of crimes, maternal and filial love, secrets that bind the Walker family. Wyatt (Hartnett), along with his uncle Dallas (Grillo), as cold as a killer as well as affectionate in the family, behind the legal business of a car showroom in Oklahoma, carry on the true profession of the Walkers, thefts and robberies. The main goal, however, for them becomes to get Ida out of prison, to allow her to die in freedom. Between threats, kidnappings and plans destined to end in a bloodbath, Wyatt will be forced to make final choices. In the extraordinary cast, among others, also William Forsythe, Deborah Ann Woll, Mark Boone Junior, Sofia Hublitz, Beau Knapp.

“I am the mother of a child, and Ida is mainly a mother for me – explains to ANSA Melissa Leo, an actress who loves to choose complex roles far from the Hollywood red carpets -. With her family she continues on the path they have always used to survive. . I am so proud to be part of a film like this because the reality in the United States today is not what we generally see. There is a lot of poverty and there are many people who struggle to carry on with the day. Ida as a mother bear struggles to survive”. There are performers who prefer to stay away from the narrative of these realities, “because many actresses are very manipulated to be just a certain type of woman, to show a certain model that ‘sells’.

My mother, on the other hand, raised me without giving any importance to vanity. That’s what helps me as an actress. Even when I make a character of a certain class, I never base everything on the way I present myself, because I am not interested in exploring that side of the feminine and I have been a woman for over 60 years “. .