Messina Denaro and the others, 6 fugitives of ‘maximum danger’

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– ROME, AUGUST 17 – The most famous are Matteo Messina Denaro and Graziano Mesina. With them are six fugitives of ‘maximum danger’ included in the list of Criminalpol.

The other ” top most wanted ” are Giovanni Motisi (mafia), Renato Cinquegranella and Raffaele Imperiale (camorra) and Attilio Cubeddu (responsible for serious crimes). The data is contained in the report drawn up by the central management of the Criminal Police ‘Fugitives of maximum danger and dangerous: activities of the integrated joint group for the search and arrest of fugitives in the period 2010-2020’.

The list of dangerous fugitives currently includes 62 people, of which 18 affiliated with the ‘Ndrangheta, 3 with the Camorra, 4 with Apulian crime, 2 with Cosa Nostra, 2 with the kidnapping area and 33 responsible for “serious crimes “.

From 2010 to 2020, 22 fugitives of maximum danger (of which 17 were arrested in Italy) and 110 dangerous fugitives (of which 69 in Italy) were brought to justice.