Mic, "No penalties for music compared to sports"

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– ROME, AUGUST 16 – “No penalties for the music sector where the same measures for sport are in force for concerts, indeed more favorable for concerts under the threshold of 2500 indoors and 5000 outdoors” . Thus a note from the Press Office of the Ministry of Culture specifies the current regulatory framework that regulates participation in shows and sporting events in the white area, after the controversy following the improvised concert of Salmo in Sardinia and after the intervention today by Francesco De Gregori who speaks of the mortification of music.

“The security provisions currently in force in the white zone provide for pre-assigned seats, the obligation of a mask, spacing and green pass for everyone. In addition, for indoor shows, up to 2,500 spectators, there is no limit to the capacity of premises while, over 2,500 spectators, the maximum capacity limit of 35% applies, the same limit that is applied instead to sporting events even below the threshold of 2500. For outdoor shows, up to 5,000 spectators, no limit of capacity of the spaces, while over 5,000 spectators a capacity limit of 50% is applied, the same applied to sporting events even below the threshold of 5,000 “. (HANDLE).