Migrants: Spain, four missing south of the Canary Islands

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Four people traveling together with at least 30 others on a makeshift boat bound for the Canary Islands fell overboard and never re-emerged when two ships passing through the area attempted to rescue them. This was reported by the Efe news agency, which cites sources of the Spanish maritime rescue service.
The boat on which the migrants traveled was located about 328 kilometers south of the island of Gran Canaria. A ship in the area took charge of first aid, assisted by an oil tanker. However, poor sea conditions have complicated the operation, according to the first available information.
Four of the 30 survivors will be transported to Gran Canaria by helicopter as they are not in good health.
The other 26, including several women, are on their way to the Spanish archipelago on the ship that rescued them.
The Canary Islands health emergency service reported the landing of 71 people in Tenerife late yesterday. Four of them were taken to hospital.