More dances and gatherings, new closure for Rimini disco

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– BOLOGNA, AUGUST 15 – The Ecu disco in Rimini is still stopping. After the five-day stop imposed on those thousand people found dancing, last August 7, in violation of the anti-Covid rules, the venue in via Pradella – according to what has been learned – will have to stop again: last night in the structure c ‘there were hundreds of young people – moving to the beat of the music, assembled and without masks – discovered by the agents of the State Police and the Local Police, who intervened on the recommendation of the inhabitants of the area who complained of very loud music coming from the structure where it was scheduled , also announced on social media, a punk-rock evening.

With the music stopped, the police controlled the club and the patrons. As reported by the local media from Rimini, two boys were arrested with modest quantities of drugs and reported as users while sachets of hashish, marijuana, cocaine and MDMA were found on the ground for a total weight of 40 grams. For the nightclub, therefore, a new suspension of the license has started for 5 days following the violation of the anti-covid rules to which is added the proposal to the Rimini Police Headquarters of a closure based on article 100 of the Tulps, since it was found , for the second time, drug in the room. (HANDLE).