Mountain accidents: Coca falls from the lace, died at 26 years old

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– BERGAMO, AUG 20 – Drama on the Coca lace, in Valbondione (Bergamo), where a 26-year-old boy from Parma died and his body was identified last night by the rescuers of the Alpine Rescue, alerted around at 7 pm yesterday for not returning. The recovery operations are not yet finished: the dense fog in fact hinders the recovery of the body.

In the late afternoon of yesterday the teams left immediately and from the base of Caiolo (Sondrio) the helicopter rescue took off, which attempted a first approach, however prevented by the thick fog. About half an hour later the helicopter from Brescia arrived and flew over but with negative results. Then the vehicle brought the territorial teams of the Valbondione station up to the top, one on the top of the Coca lace and the other in a lower pitch. Around 11 pm the sound of the boy’s cell phone was heard and then the technicians descended along a very inaccessible canal for several tens of meters and sighted the young man’s body, which was about eighty meters below. However, conditions made it impossible to get close to where he was. (HANDLE).