Nicoletta Orsomando, queen of the ‘good evening ladies’ dies

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– ROME, AUGUST 21 – Television in Italian homes was still a rare thing, so much so that parents went to an appliance store to see its first ad. It was October 1953 and television began its broadcasts with her. Nicoletta Orsomando, the most famous of the ‘good evening ladies’, died today at the age of 92, in hospital in Rome after a short illness. The funeral will be held next Monday at 10.15 in the Church of Santa Maria in Trastevere.

She was born in Casapulla (Caserta) on 11 January 1929. For 40 years she entered Italian homes every day with that grace and kindness that characterized her and that were part of a TV that no longer exists. “Ladies and gentlemen, good evening,” he said his first time in front of the cameras, announcing a National Geographic documentary, and that phrase has become a trademark. The smiling expression, the perfect diction, the kind and polite manners and her familiar and reassuring look made her loved above all, so much so that she became the ‘Miss Good Evening’ who remained in office more than any other. (HANDLE).