Notte Taranta, festival in Cutrofiano with ‘Coro Terra Otranto’

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– BARI, AUGUST 17 – On August 18 the traveling festival ‘La Notte della Taranta’ makes a stop in Cutrofiano (Lecce), in Piazza Municipio. The evening opens at 9 pm with the popular choir of Terra d’Otranto. The show is a story that develops between lullabies, work songs, prayers, invocations and ballads. An alternation of voices and tales, of stories handed down, sitting in a circle in front of the front door. The Choir was born from a field research conducted by Dario Muci and Enza Pagliara which aims to give a resonant body to traditional oral songs.

The evening continues at 10 pm with Suddissimo, an immersion in the world of Matteo Salvatore. The songs from the repertoire of the storyteller of Apricena (Foggia) are sewn from the frontier stories of Fabrizio Saccomanno. Songs and verses that tell the life not only of the least, but of the defeated and dispossessed. Dario Muci, Enza Pagliara, Roberto Licci and Emanuele Licci are the souls of this musical project published by the Nauna Cantieri Musicali Publishing House.

Suddissimo is inspired by a research conducted by the Italian-French writer Rina Santoro on Salvatore. On stage, Marco Bardoscia and Marco Tuma complete the line-up. (HANDLE).