Novara tries to restart from D, two roped parties

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– NOVARA, 11 AUG – The municipal administration of Novara published today the call for an expression of interest for a ‘new’ Novara Calcio, which will start from Serie D. Times have been reduced to minimum: applications must be submitted by 12 noon on Monday 16 August.

Companies that have within them persons (including relatives up to the fourth degree) who in the last 5 years have held managerial roles or have been members of Novara Calcio 1908, whose exclusion from professional championships have been decreed, cannot participate in the competition. . The assignee company must be able to pay 400 thousand euros to the FIGC by 24 August.

It will be a special commission designated by the mayor to evaluate the proposals and choose the one that it deems most suitable. At the moment it seems that two consortiums have emerged in recent times: one refers to the manager from Novara Daniele Barbone and the other to the Milanese engineer Massimo Ferranti. (HANDLE).