On Sky Mirage spy story set in Abu Dhabi

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– ROME, AUGUST 16 – Cybersecurity, geopolitics, strong emotions. On Sky Serie from 18 August at 9.15 pm and streaming on Now, Mirage is premiered, a spy story with an international flavor set in the Middle East. Between twists, suspense, mystery, action and the intrigues of international politics, the series stars Canadian Marie-Josée Croze (Jack Ryan, The Barbarian Invasions) and British Clive Standen (Vikings).

Claire, a cybersecurity expert, lost her husband Gabriel during the tragic 2004 tsunami. Her man’s body was never found. Back home in Paris, Claire found out she was pregnant with her son, Zack. 15 years later, Claire has a new partner, Lukas, and landed her dream job in Abu Dhabi. That’s where they all decide to move together. In this modern desert-born Babel, Claire wants to start a new life with her family. One evening, in a restaurant, Claire sees the reflection of her ex-husband believed dead in a window … .