On the 19th the Fellini Museum opens in Rimini, controversy over the new square

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– BOLOGNA, AUGUST 17 – Waiting to ‘lift the veil’, Thursday evening, on the new Fellini Museum, a ‘widespread’ work rotating – between closed and open spaces set in the city center – on the axis consisting of Castel Sismondo, Cinema Fulgor and the renovated Piazza Malatesta, Rimini is divided, with a strong controversial vein, right on the reconstruction of the square. Overlooking Castel Sismondo – an imposing Malatesta fortress which also saw Brunelleschi at work for its construction – it has been hosting, for a few days, a ‘blade’ of water – which should recall the ancient moat – stormed by tourists and families, with many children to play joyfully, but who did not fail to raise various criticisms from various citizens, historians, exponents of opposition politics and the world of culture.

Little fascinated by the water in front of the fifteenth-century castle, contained in an infinity pool from which, with a game of nebulization, a dense fog rises like the one that surrounded Titta’s’ grandfather ‘in one of the most famous scenes of’ Amarcord ‘. Artifices disputed to the point that on Thursday, on the day of the inauguration of the museum dedicated to the Master of Cinema and the renewed square, at the same time, two associations’ Italia Nostra ‘and the Cultural Association Rimini city of art RenataTebaldi’, will hold a protest demonstration at the Arch of Augustus, a symbolic monument of the Romagna city.

The new appearance of Piazza Malatesta, one of the fulcrums of the Fellini Museum, in fact, represents, for ‘Italia Nostra’ a “failure of comparison and participation that the Administration has always denied both in the planning phase and in the executive phase. A failure – adds the association in a note – of the constitutional principles of historical and landscape protection of our cultural heritage. We do not know if in the future this new setting, which we have defined as foreign and artificial and which covers the history of that place with a pour of concrete, it can be recovered to the identity that has belonged to it for centuries “. (HANDLE).