Open funeral parlor Strada, Sala a Casa Emergency

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– MILAN, AUGUST 21 – The funeral home for the founder of Emergency Gino Strada has just opened in the Milan headquarters of the humanitarian association in via Santa Croce.

Among the first to pay homage to him, the mayor of Milan Giuseppe Sala, who on his arrival at ‘Casa Emergency’ explained: “I am here in the dual capacity of mayor and friend. Today with me I have many memories of moments lived together”.

“Di Gino I appreciated what he did, but in my opinion he had a particular characteristic: knowing many important people, who have done things, who have had significant lives – added the mayor of Milan -, he never spoke in the past tense, not he never felt the need to say ‘I did’, ‘I said’, but he always looked forward, he looked to the future and in this he was truly extraordinary and unique “.

Regarding the possibility that the city of Milan could dedicate a street or a place to Gino Strada, Sala replied: “I heard from his wife and the president of Emergency these days, but for now we have decided to think only of this day. . I think it is important to dedicate something that remains to him, but also a moment of memory, as I think he wanted. A moment that is also cheerful, even alive. But we will think about it after this day “. (HANDLE).