PCI on ‘trial’ in Romagna, acquitted by a large majority

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– SAN MAURO PASCOLI, AUGUST 11 – The Italian Communist Party takes home a clear acquittal in the traditional ‘Trial of August 10’ in San Mauro Pascoli organized by Sammauroindustria. The popular response of the participants by raising the shovel at Villa Torlonia speaks of 376 votes for the acquittal and 95 for the sentence. And the President of the Tribunal Miro Gori had no choice but to acknowledge it and confirm “the acquittal with the full formula of the PCI”. The accuser Giuseppe Chicchi, former parliamentarian and former mayor of Rimini, in his speech criticized in particular the dependence on Moscow: “The PCI – he explained – had a subordinate relationship to the USSR and did not have the courage to break up when in many circumstances it was possible to do so “,” Berlinguer sensed the limits of all this but was belated in his action. The emblem of everything is 1989: the communist regimes collapsed and consequently also the PCI collapses and loses its identity. Occhetto’s change of name was nothing more than the representation of the fragility of communism in Italy “. The political scientist Nadia Urbinati has set the defense on the “centrality of the PCI in the construction and extension of democracy in Italy”. And on the relationship with Moscow: “It is true that there was dependence but also very high tension with Berlinguer. In the Congress of the Communist Party in 1976 the secretary of the PCI reaffirmed the centrality of values ​​such as democracy and pluralism, and this provoked serious clashes”. The Columbia University professor emphasized the role of the PCI in Italian society. “The PCI moves on a double track: the creation of an organized party rooted in society; being the backbone of the nascent democracy through a constituent pact. The party makes a careful reading of the defeat of fascism and moves in this direction. double direction “. Hence the appeal to vote: “The PCI must be fulfilled for its founding function of democracy and for the formation of citizens capable of building a society on a human scale”. (HANDLE).