Pi Greco, Grisons world record with 62’800 billion decimal places

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– GENEVA, AUGUST 17 – The University of Applied Sciences of Graubünden, Switzerland (FHGR), has set a new world record for the number of decimals of the mathematical constant of the “Greek Pi”. With over 62,800 billion decimal places, it exceeded the previous record by 12,800 billion, reports the Swiss news agency Keystone-Ats. The FHGR will now ask for registration in the Guinness Book of Records and in a note reveals that the last ten digits of the number are “7’817’924’264”. The complete number will be made only after registration in the record book.

The super-computer took 108 days and 9 hours of activity to calculate the new Greek Pi and then a verification phase followed, explains Keystone-Ats, quoting a note from the school.

The School admits that knowing such a long Greek Pi has no practical use. The interest lies in the way in which the sequence of numbers can be calculated, which implies good hardware and a certain expertise to set up the computer and make it run for weeks without interference.

Pi is the number by which we must multiply the diameter of a circle to get its circumference and the number of digits after the decimal point is infinite. The procedure for its calculation by the Swiss university – adds Keystone-Ats – was almost twice as fast as the record set by Google in its cloud in 2019 (31,400 billion decimal places) and about 3.5 times faster. speed of Timothy Mullican’s last world record in 2020 (50,000 billion decimal places). (HANDLE).