Podcast world, festival for growing phenomenon

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– ROME, AUGUST 18 – Podcasting is a growing universe. According to Nielsen research data for Audible for the years 2019 and 2020, the number of Italians who have chosen to pay attention and ear to podcasts has grown steadily, double-digit, registering a + 15% in 2020 for a total of almost 15 million of people who have enjoyed at least one podcast during the year. To respond to this increased interest in podcasts, and to create a space for discussion on the world of quality audio entertainment, the Mondo Podcast review returns to Camogli from 10 to 12 September 2021, the event conceived by Audible and the Communication Festival .

Numerous guests will take turns on the stage of the Miramare Terrace. It starts on Friday 10 September, with Stefano Massini and a performance from the Audible Original podcast produced by Frame-Festival della Comunicazione “The squares tell. In the late afternoon, the presentation of the research conducted by NielsenIQ for Audible on the data that delineate the consumption of podcasts in Italy in 2021. Giorgio Pedrazzini of Nielsen IQ, Francesco Bono, Content Director Audible.it and Andrea Montanari, Director of Rai RadioTRE will illustrate and comment on the trends. The morning of Saturday 11 September will be dedicated to learning and personal development: Luca Mazzucchelli, Laura Pirotta, Daniele Vecchioni, Giacomo Astrua and Matteo Soragna. The voice of Daniel Lumera and the notes at 430HZ of the piano by Emiliano Toso, authors of the podcast series “Benessere H24”, will guide the audience in an experiential moment of meditation. Federico Fubini and Alessandra Perrazzelli will close the morning. The afternoon will be tinged with black with Massimo Picozzi who, drawing inspiration from his Audible Original “Il Mostro” and “Nero come ilangue”, made with Carlo Lucarellii. Then on stage Tommaso Labate, the Lorem Ipsum Collective, Alberto Nerazzini, Silvia Girallucci and Alessandra Coppola, authors of the 4 Audible Original investigative podcasts “Undici Frammenti”, “Puzzle”, “121269”, “Pianosa, the Devil’s Island “,” 100 years of terrorism “. Lorenzo Baglioni will close the day.

Mondo Podcast closes the curtain on Sunday 12 September, with an all-female day. (HANDLE).