Psalm: "concert organized under a false name, unaware Municipality"

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– OLBIA, 16 AUG – “Concert organized under the false name of Dj Triplo, in the Municipality they did not know they were facing 4 thousand people”. So Salmo explains on Instagram how his surprise show last Friday in Olbia was possible, which raised great controversies about the maxi assembly without masks at the Brin pier.

The Sardinian rapper says that “I knew what I was going to meet, but I don’t care”, while on the hypothesis of investigations and sanctions he observes: “that I made a bullshit is questionable. I did a live under the Ferris wheel, at ten meters from the course, where there will be at least 10 thousand people a day massed without a mask, because it is no longer mandatory in public “.

Salmo also explains the purpose of his performance. “I have said important things about the rules that the state has imposed for concerts, which are pathetic. Inside the concert you have to behave in a certain way, then get out of the fence and do what you want.”

On the criticisms of other artists “one cannot define oneself as an artist if he does not break the rules, whoever has not understood that phrase is not an artist – he provokes – you had to do this too, I fought against ridiculous rules, but of music you do not care “.

The last thrust is for Fedez, with whom he clashed on Instagram on Saturday. “I did not join your initiatives because you are on the c … – he closes – are you a politician? Let me understand if when I talk to you I’m talking to an artist or a politician”.

Meanwhile, the case, even after the position taken by Governor Solinas who spoke of a “dangerous mistake”, ends up in Parliament with a question announced by Salvatore Deidda, an FDI deputy. “How was it possible to hold a concert when the discos are closed and the clubs sanctioned for the customers who dance? Who should check? Why two weights two measures?”. (HANDLE).