Psalm: De Gregori is with him, "raised a real problem"

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– OLBIA, AUG 16 – Francesco De Gregori is with Salmo.

On the eve of the two dates in Sardinia, in Alghero, where his “De Gregori & Band Live – The greatest hits Tour” will stop tomorrow 17th and the day after tomorrow 18th August, the singer-songwriter leaves out the form and focuses on the substance of the problem raised by the rapper Sardinian through his surprise performance last Friday in Olbia. “We must reflect on Salmo and not simply condemn his transgression of the rules”, says De Gregori on Facebook. “I am still grateful to him for having drawn attention to the fact that for a football match 15,000 people can stay in a stadium while for outdoor concerts there is a limit of a thousand people seated and spaced apart”, he your position.

“What is the use of the green pass then? All the controversy and all the effort to get it?” Asks one of the main protagonists of the Italian music scene. “This limitation is profoundly unjust and mortifies our professional dignity”, is his thought in line with that of Psalm.

“Unfortunately it proves once again that whoever is called to decide has no respect – concludes De Gregori – and no attention for pop music and for our audience”. (HANDLE).