Raoul Casadei’s summer, a free exhibition in Cesena

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CESENA – On 12 August the photographic exhibition ‘Raoul’s summer’ curated by Mirna Casadei opens in the Peschiera Gallery in Cesena, with some of the most significant unpublished shots by Raoul Casadei. The ribbon cutting at 6 pm by the mayor Enzo Lattuca together with the children and family of the musician who died last March. The exhibition, curated by his daughter Mirna, proposes the most important portraits of Raoul Casadei’s artistic and private life. “Every summer in Romagna, from the 70s to today is Raoul’s summer ‘- says Mirna Casadei – He has always represented summer! Collecting Raoul’s life and career in a handful of photographic images is an impossible undertaking because his life was long, beautiful and full of events, ideas and public and private successes. I have collected some photos that represent the most significant moments and elements of what my father was “.