Rave: with drugs in the car confesses, ‘I used to take them there’

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He was carrying 7 ounces of drugs (including cocaine, marijuana and hashish) when the police checked him and then arrested him at the Chiusi (Siena) toll booth, he confessed to the agents that he was bringing the drug to the rave party that was still taking place in the Viterbo area . Thus the story – which dates back to 18 August but which is made known today by the Arezzo police headquarters – of a 33-year-old Albanian resident in Novara. When he saw the police he had an elusive attitude that made the officers suspicious. The drug was in the hood and under the windshield. Before being taken to prison he revealed the purpose of his trip.

“Finally the rave area was cleared after several days. It was a gathering of thousands of people, some say over 10 thousand, and this causes an element of facilitation in the circulation of the virus. Surely there will be an increase in infections “. This was said by the regional health councilor of Lazio, Alessio D’Amato, to the microphones of Radio24.” We have given orders to carry out a swab activity in the municipalities concerned – he adds – . Surely this situation was to be avoided. If over 10 thousand people gather in times of pandemic it is a serious and anomalous fact. “Then he adds:” It is not clear how on the one hand regular activity in discos is prevented and then 5 days of such an important aggregation can be allowed. . It is a picture that must never be repeated “he underlines. Asked about the management of the event, he says:” These are matters of public order, it is up to other authorities. At this stage there are more tools than there were in the past. like preventive activities on the internet “.

The organization of a rave party in the countryside of Lecce was – in the meantime – blocked last night, during police and carabinieri control interventions that applied national directives that arrived after the case of Valentano, in the Viterbo area. Intercepted in the afternoon the invitation to participate in last night’s rave, through the monitoring of sources and social media, police patrols, including territorial and the Flying Squad, blocked a van with some young people, all with precedents for rave parties, and on board also some instruments for amplification: 6 loudspeakers, a generator with petrol tank, cables for connections. A 27 year old from Lecce, a 24 year old from Salento from Maglie and a 34 year old woman from Cesena from Romagna, did not explain the origin of the material, which is; was seized and, accompanied to the police station by the Digos, they were reported on the loose for receiving stolen goods and for the unjustified possession of altered keys or lockpicks that were in a box with the rest of the material. Outside the Police Headquarters in Lecce, while the ritual investigations were underway, about thirty young people belonging to anarchist area groups protested peacefully to express solidarity; to the three, until the moment the three leave the building. The Police Headquarters also let it be known that in July a rave party had been interrupted in the countryside behind the marina of Lecce di San Cataldo, and on Ferragosto a few hundred young people had been evicted in the Porto Cesareo area on the border with the province of Taranto.