Returned to father child passed on barbed wire in Kabul

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– ROME, AUG 21 – He is back in his father’s arms and is safe, the newborn protagonist of a harrowing video from Kabul airport who has become a symbol of the tragedy of the Afghans who are trying to escape from the country back in the thousands the rule of the Taliban. In the images, the child is passed to an American Marine who lifts him up on the barbed-wire wall of the airport, handing him to another soldier inside the airport.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said the Marines were told the unidentified child was sick, Al Jazeera reported. “The parent asked the Marines to take care of the child because the child was sick,” he told reporters. “So the marine you see stretching over the wall took him to the Norwegian hospital at the airport. They treated the baby and returned him to his father.”

Kirby said he did not know the family’s identity or status, whether they were part of the special US immigration program for Afghans working for the Americans, or whether they were at high risk for the Taliban. (HANDLE).