Rinnovabili | il Cile terra promessa ed Enel nel progetto…

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Il Paese sudamericano, ormai seconda economia del suo continente, si candida ad essere l’Arabia Saudita del post-petrolio

Rinnovabili | il Cile terra promessa ed Enel nel progetto idrogeno verde


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... come hanno già fatto per l'installazione dedicata a Raffaello all'interno della Sala Ottagonale della ma anche, in precedenza, con Enel Green Power che ha ...
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... il Monterrey allenato da Javier Aguirre ha vinto 1 - 0 la finale della Champions League del Centro - Nord America contro l'America allenata da Santiago Solari e ...

Renewables, Chile promised land and Enel in the green hydrogen project

What will Saudi Arabia be in the post-oil era? Raise your hand if you have thought of Chile, the blessed land of renewable energies, more coveted than ever after the publication of the IPCC report on the environment. Yet the government of Santiago de Chile, while engaged in a very delicate revision of the constitutional charter that still dates back to the Pinochet years, has recently launched a fund (50 million dollars) to support development projects in the renewable energy supply chain and launched a a sort of "green" diplomacy at the service of an ambitious goal: to become the world leader in the production of "green hydrogen", the clean gas that is obtained via electrolysis that is used to operate, without harmful emissions, industries with a high rate of pollution such as the steel industry (see Snam plans for Ilva di Taranto).

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