Salmo, my live incognito, ‘war’ with Fedez

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Salmo’s concert on Friday will have legal consequences. Today the rapper explained that the Olbia event was the last act of three days of music with local artists, the last one an elusive Dj Triple instead of which he took the stage. “The Municipality did not know they were facing 4 thousand people”, explained Salmo. But the investigators want to ascertain any connivance: the artist had said he wanted to play a free concert for Sardinia devastated by fires, but the people in charge of public order had told him to desist. Who at that point helped him organize a concert that would not have taken place without authorization? Did anyone in the offices that gave the go-ahead to the stage know it was actually his surprise show? These questions will have to be answered by an investigation against unknown persons of the Tempio Pausania Public Prosecutor’s Office. And the case also ends in Parliament with a question from Fdi.
But for Salmo it was an act of protest against the anti Covid rules for live shows, which discriminate against sporting events. “No penalties for the music sector, where the same measures as sport are in force, indeed more favorable for concerts under the threshold of 2500 indoors and 5000 outdoors”, replies the Ministry of Culture to the Sardinian rapper. While Francesco De Gregori is in solidarity with him: “He drew attention to the fact that for a football match 15 thousand people can stay in a stadium, for outdoor concerts a maximum of one thousand people seated and spaced apart”. Instead, the Bauli in Piazza movement, which was the first to raise the problem of blocking shows due to the pandemic, is slowing down: “We believe that the rules must always be respected, otherwise any action aimed at raising funds becomes lawful, and so, obviously , it can not be.
Meanwhile, the controversy between Salmo and Fedez rages on social networks.
“One is not an artist if he does not break the rules, you had to do this too, I fought against ridiculous rules”, Salmo attacks, explaining that “I did not join your initiatives because you are fucking me, you are a politician, do me understand if I’m talking to an artist or a politician “. For Fedez, however, “everything is political when it involves the life and work of citizens, what you have done is politics of the worst kind”, he replies with vitriolic tones. It’s still. “If you are not willing to put aside your personal dislikes for the good of the country, of those who listen to your music and come to your concerts and those who work so that you can perform live, you are not an artist, you are an asshole”. Motta is also against Salmo.
“Absolutely unjustifiable what happened and the ways in which they tried to justify it,” he writes.
The risk is that the Olbia concert will become a precedent: last night at the Shiva concert in Misano Adriatico, in the Rimini area, hundreds of young people filled the venue without masks and distancing, provoking the condemnation of Assomusica for episodes, denunciation, “that damage concert organizers who work seriously and respect the rules, but perhaps even more so the image of the artists “. (HANDLE).

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