Sileri: The fourth wave has begun, serious form for unvaccinated

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“The fourth wave of the pandemic will take place. And, in fact, the cases that have risen in the last 20 days already represent a beginning of the fourth wave, however, as the doctors tell us, in hospitals we see that in this phase those who are ill in serious form, so much so as to resort to hospital treatment, it is mainly those who have not been vaccinated “. This was said by Pierpaolo Sileri, Undersecretary of Health, during his speech on Radio too, on Rai Radio1.

This wave, he explained, will be characterized by a further increase in positive cases, “but also by a stabilization of hospitalizations and deaths that will be more likely to see where the percentage of the unvaccinated population is greater”. “We are working hard to vaccinate the young population, with many initiatives. But the most important thing and what worries me most is to go and look for those over 50 who are not immunized because they, who are not vaccinated at greater risk, will be included in the calculation of the seriously ill of this fourth wave “, he concluded.