Spain: temperatures above 46 degrees in Andalusia

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– MADRID, AUGUST 14 – In addition to Italy, Spain is also struggling with a scorching heat wave: temperatures close to or above historical records were recorded in various areas of the country between yesterday and today. The maximums recorded so far today have been reached in the provinces of Cordova and Seville, in Andalusia, and have gone beyond 46 degrees, according to provisional data from the State Meteorology Agency (Aemet).

The highest temperature ever recorded today is 46.9 degrees: it was measured at 16.30 in the meteorological station of Montoro (province of Cordova). If confirmed as a valid measure, it would be equal to that officially considered as Spain’s historical maximum, recorded in 2017 by the Cordoba airport station.

For tomorrow, Aemet expects temperatures only slightly lower than today. (HANDLE).