Steal church offerings. Parish priest on Fb, write to me, we will help you

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– MILAN, AUGUST 17 – “I don’t know if you will ever read these lines but if you wanted to contact me in private we could find a solution to your problems”: this is the appeal that the parish priest of Cizzago, in Bresciano, launched to the thief who stole the offering box in the church to restore the organ via social media.

“It did not contain large figures – wrote Fr Jordan Coraglia on Facebook after the theft – but they were certainly the gifts of parishioners who with sacrifice want their church in order”. The priest’s only hope “is that whoever has made this gesture really needs that little and does not drink it or smoke or play games. That would be the greatest evil”.

The emptied box was then recovered by Don Jordan himself in a cornfield, on the recommendation of a farmer who worked on the spot. No answer, at least for the moment, came from the offer thief instead. “I don’t think it will ever arrive. Probably – explains Don Jordan contacted by ANSA – it was a little girl and if it went well with the stolen amount they will buy a scratch card. My appeal, however, is always valid. to denounce, it would not make sense, but to understand the reason for the gesture and to give an opening message: our church has always helped everyone, let alone in this period “. (HANDLE).