Tennis: Osaka bursts into tears at the press conference

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– ROME, AUGUST 16 – A brief moment of tears, then a stop at the press conference and then the resumption, without other unforeseen events. It was not easy for Naomi Osaka to make her debut in front of journalists in Cincinnati, after the French Open, when her choice not to report to the media after matches to protect her ‘mental health’ cost her a fine and pressure from part of the organizers, enough to induce her to retire from the tournament.

On the eve of her first match in the Masters 1000 in Ohio, a local reporter asked her in a somewhat aggressive tone why she has difficulty with post-match interviews, a question to which the Japanese answered without difficulty, but then she lowered her head and burst into tears under her cap. Another reporter started asking her a question about her training, but a WTA moderator stepped in to announce a break in the conference. According to some witnesses, Osaka left the room for a while, then returned to answer various other questions.

After retiring from Paris, Osaka had given up participating in Wimbledon and went to the Tokyo Olympic Games, where she had the honor of lighting the brazier in the opening ceremony, but in the tournament that saw her as the favorite she came out the third. shift. (HANDLE).