The House of Thoughts returns, in the sign of Dante and Sepulveda

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– BOLOGNA, AUGUST 21 – “Freedom I seek”: the title of the 2021 edition of ‘Casa dei Pensieri’, one of the longest-running Italian cultural exhibitions, is a clear reference from Dante in the year of the celebrations of the great poet which, as per tradition, will live, from 26 August to 19 September, within the Festa dell’Unità in Bologna, which this year is also the national holiday of the Democratic Party. And like every year it will range from poetry to music, from literature to history, from art to theater.

Now in its 31st edition, “at least in intentions – as its artistic director Davide Ferrari says – it is one of the largest ever organized”, with an important international projection, but also with the strong link to the city that hosts it and to his University: this year it is dedicated to Emilio Pasquini, a philologist from the University of Bologna and a scholar of Dante, who recently passed away.

Among the most important guests of this edition are the Russian writer Alexsej Ivanov, the Chilean poet Raul Zurita, the nobel prize for economics Angus Deaton and Princeton professor Anne Case. The Chilean poet Carmen Yanez Sepulveda will conclude the review on 19 September, also in memory of her husband Luis Sepulveda, who has been a regular visitor to the Casa dei Pensieri.

As every year, commemorative plaques named after Paolo Volponi will be assigned, which will go to Giorgio Rights, Rolando Dondarini, Pino Cacucci, Gian Mario Anselmi, Marcello Fois, Virginia Argentero and Vincenzo Satta.

A rich program of guests that sees, among others, Edith Bruck, Valerio Varesi, Loredana Lipperini, Ermanno Cavazzoni. And it will celebrate two centenaries: that of the death of Baudelaire, with the translator Nicola Muschitello and that of the birth of the Communist Party, with some initiatives dedicated to the historical reconstruction of the event. (HANDLE).