The monster in the crypt, 1980s horror comedy

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A pop triumph of jeans, sweatshirts, checkered shirts, looks inspired by Madonna, walkman and VHS, quotes from The Shining, posters of the Goonies or Back to the Future, musical references such as Blue Oyster Cult and Boys Boys Boys by Sabrina Salerno. We dive into the 80s for the second work by Daniele Misischia, which after a debut all set in an elevator besieged by zombies, The End? Inferno fuori (2018), retraces the horror comedy, but in one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, Bobbio, in Il mostro della crripta, which makes its world premiere at the Locarno Film Festival and arrives in cinemas from 12 August with Vision Distribution. Also this time to produce are the Manetti bros (together with Carlo Macchitella).

In this second film, the two filmmaking brothers have entrusted their script to Misischia: “Initially the story was not set in the 80s – explains the director -, we decided to make them protagonists, because the film also pays homage to a compelling cinema that it was coming out at that time, from the Goonies to Gremlins “. We are in 1988 and the young Giò (Tobia De Angelis), an aspiring teen nerd director, together with his friends, is busy making a horror short in the streets of Bobbio with his VHS video camera. However, not everything goes as expected: the girl Giò is in love with, Vanessa (Amanda Campana) leaves the shooting and at the same time the bloody deaths begin to multiply in the village. A mystery that seems to have as its center a disturbing family, the Valmontis and the ancient cult of a monster in the crypt. The only possible way out could be in Giò’s most loved comics, created by Diego Busirivici (Lillo Petrolo). In the cast, among others, also Nicola Branchini, Chiara Caselli, Ludovico Girardello and Gisella Burinato. “We understood that Daniele, to whom we are linked by great esteem, trust and friendship, would have been able to make the film sooner than we would have been able to do – explains Marco Manetti -. It is a comic horror adventurer, like great films of those years. , from those shot or produced by Spielberg, but also recalls the greatest of all Stephen King, for the adolescent fantasy that becomes reality “. (HANDLE).