Three hundred in a row before Gino Strada’s funeral home opens

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– MILAN, AUGUST 21 – About an hour after the opening of Gino Strada’s funeral home at Casa Emergency, about 300 people lined up neatly under the sun (and refreshed with bottles of water provided by the volunteers of the association) waiting to cross the entrance gate, where various bouquets of flowers and messages are hung, including the one that reads “Now go, Gino, let’s continue. We hug you forever” and ” Thanks Gino! What you leave behind remains as extraordinary as you. Fly high. “

Next to the large banner with the words “Ciao Gino”, Rossella Miccio, president of the non-profit organization, told reporters what the founder of the association, who died suddenly on August 13 in France, represented. “There was the awareness that Gino was a lighthouse in the fog for many people, having had the privilege of working and living nearby around the world for 21 years, but – he observed – that there was such a deep affection, that so many people from all latitudes, from Sudan to Sierra Leone, sick people, patients, staff, authorities, village elders, felt touched by what Gino did and I did not expect it from the work of Emergency “.

“Gino – he added – has been able to create a community of people linked by strong principles and values ​​that go beyond barriers, skin colors and religions. I believe this is really the strong message that he leaves us and that we are committed to carry on “. (HANDLE).