Tunisia: Saied, ‘only temporary exceptional measures’

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– TUNIS, AUGUST 17 – Tunisian President Kais Saied, on the occasion of a surprise visit to the capital’s Tunis-Carthage airport, reiterated that “the objective of exceptional measures”, which include the ban on traveling outside from the country, “it is by no means depriving Tunisians of the right to free movement. This is stated in a press release from the same presidency, referring to the provisions prohibiting leaving the territory issued to certain categories of people, such as politicians and businessmen under investigation in criminal proceedings.

“People wanted or suspected of corruption are called to regularize their position”, Saied added, stating that “every individual is equal before the law that should apply to everyone”. The president reiterated his commitment to “guarantee the free movement” of people, stating that travel restrictions and bans are “temporary” and are not intended to deprive Tunisians of the right to travel. “These measures are aimed at people suspected of corruption, terrorism and tax evasion,” he stressed.