Tv: football, departure with social protests for Dazn

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– ROME, AUGUST 21 – Departure with social protests for Dazn, which from this year holds the exclusive TV rights of Serie A football. Complaints from various supporters about a blocking of their vision of Inter-Genoa, shortly after the kick-off whistle, started on twitter. Ironically posted photos of a still image of Cahlanoglu. The viewing was blocked for about 3 minutes – the high peak of accesses on one of the Cdn, that is the providers that distribute the contents. Dazn – the OT points out – immediately intervened, distributing the traffic on other Cdn and the impact was not “numerically important” in proportion to the high amount of contacts for the first match of the Nerazzurri team.

No problem in the second half and for the other match of the afternoon, Verona-Sassuolo .