Twitter’s photo algorithm ‘prefers’ clear, thin faces

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– ROME, AUG 11 – The Twitter algorithm that automatically cuts photos ‘prefers’ thinner, younger faces with a fair complexion. This was discovered by Bogdan Kulynyc, an EFpl researcher from Lausanne, who won a competition launched by the same social network to find defects in his ‘saliency alorithm’, which had already shown problems of racism a few months ago, so much so that it was deactivated.

The function under consideration is the one that decides how to cut larger photos than the preview shown in the tweets. When there are two faces in the photo, the study conducted by Twitter itself had already demonstrated, the algorithm tends to favor lighter faces, while hiding those of color. In the research that won the first prize, of 3500 dollars, Kulynic has instead shown that the ‘saliency’ of the face can be increased if you apply filters that make it clearer, but also thinner and, in general, more feminine. ‘, decreasing the likelihood of it being cut. “This shows – writes Twitter in the announcement of the award – that algorithm-based models amplify the distortions and expectations of society on the beauty of the real world”. (HANDLE).

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