L’architetto Alessandro Marioni assume ruolo dirigenziale in Comune di Lucca, puntando sull’urbanistica

Alessandro Marioni, an architect, will be leading the urban planning department of the City of Lucca.

After the internal selection process for the full-time and determined position was unsuccessful, the mayor decided to extend the candidacy to external applicants. Among the 19 proposals received, Marioni’s prevailed. He had already been involved with the administration in the preparation of the operational plan as an employee in the regional planning department of the Tuscan Region.

Among the reasons that led the mayor and the commission to choose Marioni, it is mentioned that he is the most suitable candidate “due to his appropriate and relevant university and post-university education, his overall professional preparation, and the service experiences that have contributed to the development and consolidation of the required skills, along with highly motivating factors.”

Furthermore, “the very positive evaluation related to his role in the specific field of territorial planning at the Tuscan Region, which also includes the municipality of Lucca,” was taken into account.

The mayor himself reportedly supported the choice of Marioni and expressed further trust in him.

Urbanistica, è l’architetto Alessandro Marioni il nuovo dirigente del Comune di Lucca

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