Usa, FDA ready for definitive green light for Pfizer vaccine

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– WASHINGTON, 20 AUG – The US Food and Drugs Administration (Fda) is ready to definitively approve the Pfizer / BioNTech anti Covid vaccine.

The announcement, writes the New York Times, is expected next week, most likely as early as Monday.

The vaccine has so far been used in the US thanks to an emergency authorization from the FDA.

The FDA is also considering the full approval of another Covid vaccine produced in the United States, that of the pharmaceutical company Moderna. On the latter, the final decision could come in a few weeks.

Pfizer’s final approval is expected to trigger the vaccination requirement for employees in many public and private organizations that have been waiting for this step to introduce it. Federal and state health officials also hope that full approval will convince those Americans who have so far not vaccinated precisely out of skepticism of the emergency ok.


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