Usa: the population of NYC is growing, reaching almost 9 million

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– NEW YORK, AUGUST 19 – The Big Apple has grown bigger. According to the latest census data, the population of the city of New York in ten years has increased by 8%, from eight million and 170 thousand inhabitants to eight million and 800 thousand. New York residents have grown in numbers despite rumors of population decline for years.

The data reveals that all five municipalities of the city have grown, Brooklyn and Queens are the most populous while the Bronx broke the record of 1970 to almost 1.5 million residents. According to the new census, New York City alone has 44% of the population of the entire state.

In general, the upward trend has affected many of the major cities in the United States, while the opposite trend has affected rural areas. The US is also an increasingly diversified country, with the white population for the first time decisively compared to the so-called minorities. (HANDLE).

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