Vaccines: ASL Napoli 1, at the start of four open days ‘W the school’

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– NAPLES, AUGUST 18 – The Asl Napoli 1 Centro promotes other open days for vaccinations for school staff and students in view of the return to school.

The ASL, notes a note, “is preparing for a return to class in complete safety and for this reason launches four days of vaccination Open Day” dedicated to those who “have not been able or have not yet chosen to get vaccinated”. The ‘W the school’ initiative is part of the actions that the ASL has implemented “on the precise direction of the regional government and the Crisis Unit and which have contributed to making Campania one of the first regions for vaccination of those who are registered on the platform “.

The note underlines that “Campania boasts the primacy of immunizations among the school staff, thanks also to the response of a category that immediately demonstrated a great sense of responsibility and a strong civic sense”.

However, there are still some who for various reasons have not yet joined the campaign or have not yet completed the cycle; 4 open days are dedicated to them and to the students for all age groups: Stazione Marittima, Wednesday 25th August, 9.00 / 18.00 (1,500 doses); Monday 30 August, 9.00 / 18.00 (1,500 doses). And then at the Mostra d’Oltremare on Friday 3 September, 9.00 / 18.00 (5,040 doses); Monday 6 September, 9.00 / 18.00 (5,040 doses).

“The vaccine is the right tool to ensure that students and school staff can finally experience the didactic activity in the presence – explains the general director Ciro Verdoliva -. In view of the start of the didactic activity, which we all want and hope will be without having to resort to the DAD, the collaboration of all is important: school staff, students and families “.

To book, connect to the link The administration of vaccines (first or second dose) is also guaranteed in the basic health districts and no reservation is required; opening is guaranteed from Monday to Friday (9.00 – 16.00) for all age groups (12 – over 80) and any category. (HANDLE).