Venezuela: Opponent Capriles calls for a vote in November

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– CARACAS, 12 AUGUST – One of the main leaders of the Venezuelan opposition, and former presidential candidate, Henrique Capriles has asked his compatriots to make use of the right to vote established in the Constitution by participating in the regional and municipal elections scheduled for 21 November.

In a press conference in Caracas, Capriles stressed that to save democracy in Venezuela “we must make use of a right that is in our Constitution, which is the right of every Venezuelan to express himself through the vote”.

The opposing leader did not hide the risks involved in this participation, but noted that “the rescue of our democracy will not happen overnight, and this must be honestly told to the people”.

Referring therefore to the announced dialogue between the government of President Nicolás Maduro and the opposition to be held in Mexico, accompanied by Norway, Capriles confirmed his participation, anticipating that two of his main collaborators, Tomás Guanipa and Stalin González, they will go to Mexico City tomorrow. (HANDLE).

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