Venice: Almodóvar on Instagram apology, ‘great victory’

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– MADRID, AUG 12 – Instagram’s apologies for having removed the poster of the new film by Pedro Almodóvar Madres Paralelas – where a nipple in the foreground and a gushing drop of milk are represented – constitute “a great victory” for who opposed the criterion of the social algorithm: this is how the Spanish director, who will present the film in Venice, wanted to thank those who supported him following the controversy of the last few days. The poster had been blocked by Instagram for violating the rules of the social network against nudity.

Through a post released on social media by his brother Agustín, Almodóvar claimed that those who sided with him made sure that “the minds behind the algorithm that decides what is or is not obscene and offensive have taken a step back and have allowed the poster to circulate freely “.

“We have to be careful that the machines can decide what we can and what we can’t do,” added the Spanish director. (HANDLE).