Vicedomini, ‘Happiness’ and divas respecting the public

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– ROME, AUGUST 20 – With ‘Happiness’ “we have been promoted”. Pascal Vicedomini says this with a smile to ANSA, for the new hourly position, at noon, of the show and costume program of which he is the author and host, Felicità – the season of the Renaissance, back on Rai2 for nine episodes every Saturday from 14 August, after the break for the Olympics. “The new location is also a great responsibility, given that we are ahead of the news – adds the producer and creator of events such as Capri Hollywood, Ischia Global and Los Angeles, Italy – but I must say that the first episode went very well”.

The director of Rai2, Ludovico di Meo “whom I thank for the trust” has extended the program by four more episodes than those planned, so I will arrive until 9 October and we are doing a great job with the head of the structure Daniele Cerioni “. August 21, entirely on Capri, “will be full of many protagonists of the great summer season that the island is experiencing”. For example with the Unicef ​​gala, “to which John Legend and Katy Perry also came to sing. Then there were two very young Italian talents such as Madame and Sangiovanni “. The Capri of 2021,” which is a bit the emblem of the resumption of tourism in Italy at a time of the country’s rebirth, is told in a chorus of voices, both the more worldly ones and the slightly more cultured ones, from Flavio Briatore and Elisabetta Gregoraci to Liliana Cavani; from Remo Girone and Victoria Zinni to Peppino Di Capri with their son “. The pandemic” is still there, we know it well, but we show all initiatives carried out safely “, he stresses.

The program, however, in addition to gala and glamor, “also deals with issues such as environmental protection (among the regular guests there is the president of Marevivo, Rosalba Giugni) and work, a topic that returns in the interview with Briatore, here ready to give advice to young people too “. ‘Felicità “is a glossy magazine and has a slight semblance, there are contents linked to the quality of life and the joy of living but always respecting the reality we are experiencing and of those who look at us”.