Vw bans meat, Schroeder’s wrath ‘save the currywurst’

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– BERLIN, 11 AUG – The meat is off the Volkswagen menus after the holidays, and the former Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder gets angry: it is wrong to give up currywurst, a German meat dish, often served on the street or in canteens. business.

“If I had still been on the VW supervisory board, this would not have happened,” he wrote in a comment on Linkedin, also launching the hashtag (#rettetdiecurrywurst).

“A vegetarian diet is a good thing. I do this myself at certain stages. But to eliminate currywurst in a general way? No!” He wrote. According to the former Social Democrat leader, “currywurst is an energy bar for employees and employees in production, and so it must continue to be”.

VW eliminated meat from 150 recipes in its canteens, following the expectations of many employees who asked for alternative vegetarian and vegan menus, according to a note from the auto giant. (HANDLE).