Waiting for the Perdonanza, Sgarbi introduces Ciccozzi and Dante

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– L’AQUILA, 21 AUG – As part of the “Waiting for Forgiveness” billboard, the art critic Vittorio Sgarbi will present the Aquila artist Giancarlo Ciccozzi, on the occasion of the 727 / a Perdonanza Celestiniana. Sunday 22 August at 9.30 pm the show “Sgarbi presents Ciccozzi – Our contemporary great poet” on the steps of San Bernardino in L’Aquila. A journey into contemporary art, with the works of Ciccozzi, but also the figure of Dante and that of Ignazio Silone. The journalist Germana D’Orazio will present, under the artistic direction of Giancarlo Ciccozzi himself. The show, curated by the Italian Association for World Art and Culture – Aiacm, whose president, Maura De Meo, expresses all his gratitude to the efforts made by the Municipality of L’Aquila, to the mayor Pierluigi Biondi, to the deputy Raffaele Daniele, and to the members of the Forgiveness Committee whose artistic director is Leonardo De Amicis. The show for the presentation and examination of the work of the master Ciccozzi by Sgarbi will also be an opportunity to talk about the Divine Comedy in relation to Pope Celestine V and the Celestinian Perdonanza itself, ‘Unesco intangible asset’ from 2020. A reference also to Ignazio Silone, who won the Campiello Prize in 1968 with “The adventure of a poor Christian” which became a show in L’Aquila, staged by the TSA in 1969, directed by Valerio Zurlini. The surprising sets and costumes of The Adventure of a Poor Christian were created by Alberto Burri. They were a real creative act, an event in the event of the staging of Silone’s text, on an innovative character in his message like Celestino V. The closure will be a musical tribute to maestro Franco Battiato, with the participation of the masters Raffaele Di Nicola, Giuseppe Cistola, Lorenzo Di Nicola and the soprano Tatiana Vanderlei. Battiato’s concert right on the steps of San Bernardino is indelible in the memory of the people of L’Aquila. (HANDLE).