Work accidents: Bassetti, no slogans, concrete commitments

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– ROME, AUGUST 15 – On the Feast of the Assumption the president of the Italian Episcopal Conference, card.

Gualtiero Bassetti, invites the Church to gather “around Pope Francis, assuring him closeness and prayer. His words and gestures spur us to live and always promote brotherhood, a true antidote to resentment and hatred”. But for the archbishop of Perugia-Città della Pieve, on this day, “we cannot forget those who have lost their lives in the workplace: the indignation for these deaths must turn into an assumption of responsibility so that safeguards and safety are not just slogans. , but concrete commitments “, underlines from the columns of Avvenire.

“A fairer and more livable world is built with the bricks of respect and with the mortar of care for every human being. Starting with those who remain the ‘invisible’ even in today’s world: the sick, the suffering, the disabled people, prisoners, the elderly, lonely people and those who bear the signs and consequences of the pandemic. The journey towards the Social Week of Italian Catholics in Taranto – continues Bassetti – also reminds us that everything is connected and that the choices of each, even the smallest, can prove to be significant. Climate change and environmental disasters such as fires, in the majority of cases triggered by human hands and driven by neglect, ultimately require an immediate change of course “.

“A similar awareness – concludes the president of the Italian bishops – is required of the sisters and brothers who continue to migrate”, “even today, we remain indifferent to those who lose their lives in the Mediterranean. Welcoming, protecting, promoting and integrating remain the compass to face the challenge of migration, in Italy and in Europe “.